five key outputs from a computerised sales ledger system.

five key outputs from a computerised sales ledger system.

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Identify and briefly explain five key outputs from a computerised sales ledger system.

Typical outputs of a computerised sales ledger are as follows (five only required):

(i) Day book listing. A list of all transactions posted each day. This provides an audit trail, information which the auditors of the business can use when carrying out their work. Batch and control totals will be included in the listing.
(ii) Invoices and statements, produced for customers at point of despatch and at the end of the month or a given period.
(iii) Aged debtors list, typically produced monthly.
(iv) Sales analysis reports. This will analyse sales according to the sales analysis codes on the sales ledger file.
(v) Debtors’ reminder letters. Letters can be produced automatically to chase up late payments when the due date for payment goes by without payment having been received.
(vi) Customer lists. This list might be printed onto adhesive labels, for sending out customer letters or marketing material.
(vii) Responses to enquiries, perhaps output onto a VDU screen rather than as printed copy, for fast response to customer enquiries.
(viii) Output onto disk file for other modules, e.g. to the stock control module and the nominal ledger module, if these are also used by the organisation, and the package is not an integrated one.
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